God's Healing

God’s efforts are to be healing everyone of their illnesses

You will be wondering what the above title means, will you not?

And this is my meaning:

We will start at the beginning of my Brother’s journey to enlightenment. First, I am Jesus and was most of all, the Son of the one who is writing this message. So much for introductions.

I was to you, the one you called ‘Son of God’, but you are all sons of God as I am. I am a son of a different god to the one that you call ‘God’ in that my Father is the most magnificent god of the greatest and most powerful universe in so many universes that make up what we call ‘the multiverse’.

You are also magnificent, being the only creations of the god of your universe. Lest I forget, the one that writes this message from me is the god of that other universe and who has incarnated as a human being in this and many other lives in the past present and future. His lives in this galaxy number 3,189 of which most were spent on Earth. In this respect, he has lived many more lives than most of you and he is only now reaching the end of his cycle of incarnations in this universe. He is in your universe for a particular reason and this will be discussed later.

Let me now make another introduction to you. I now offer the introduction to God, your god of your universe. In this time of yours this is the first time that God has spoken as God without the medium of The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not what you might think it is, it is the medium through which God communicates, and is the way in which all messages from God are now heard by humans, until now. It is also the way in which Jesus, communicates with God, and also the way that you are, although you don’t realise it yet. If you speak to God, or even swear by his name, you will be answered by God every time, you simply don’t think it is true yet; and as you are aware of this now, loving as God loves you is for always, God will be happy always to reply to you. God is multidimensional, as you are in spirit, and you are able most certainly to be able to hear him all the time. You just have to believe it. You are going to be able to speak to God yourself, after a healing session, and it will be the first time you won’t have to go through an intercessor such as a guru or a priest, even if they can actually speak with God on your behalf. It most definitely means you can put away your superstitions and throw away your toys used in religious rituals and be totally one with God at any time, and anywhere.

It is now time to turn your attention to God’s voice, and here is what God wants to say to you now.

You are my children, all of you, every one of you, as is everything in My universe. Let me say that it is now likely that you will not believe that it is God who is speaking to you. My lonesome one that is writing these words was shocked at the time this was happening to him some time ago, and he was also shocked when he was told by his higher self that he was also a god of his own universe. Today he is more used to the idea.

In a nutshell, these are some things you need to know about God, about Jesus and about and the one who is writing these words.

In the first place, you will be wondering why I am speaking to you on this website. In the second, you will be also wondering lots of other questions about healing and the reason you arrived on this page.

Healing is for everyone and everything in My Universe. We go too fast, because God has ignored some important things that you must be aware of.

In the first place, you will be wondering why now, at these very enlightening times in your histories, as you are aware of them is it that I am writing these words. Fetching, is it not, that I use the word ‘histories’ in the plural. It is also fetching that I say that you are living in enlightening times.

You are indeed living in enlightening times and I will tell you why. The world as you know it is going to change beyond your imaginations, for the first sounds of change are already here. God’s angels, who are simply God’s messengers of all that your God now says, have been living in your world forever. Even though he is in human form, the one who writes this website content is not one of my angels but more of a participant in the plan for the salvation of your galaxy and the inhabitants who are continuing to fight against the dark forces who still control it . He will never let you know who he is until he has revealed himself when you come to him as your healer. He is in the goodly state of grace as a free man of humble Godly ways and your landing on to his website will have been the best thing you have done in this current life of yours.

You have gone to the trouble of finding so many times that your body is not what you want it so much to be. Your only hope is that one day you will be well enough to be whole again.

I am inviting you now to come and learn what makes you sick and how you can be healed through alternative medicine.

In the first place, yes, I am starting at your birth as a soul.

  • You believed that you were separate from the God that created you.
  • You then felt guilty that you tried to move away from God.
  • You then attacked your fellow souls for even thinking about such an unholy thought.

    So you created an illusory world where you could live in ignorance of what you had done, and you could come from and go to this world whenever you felt like it.

    It is your always three-dimensional and totally illusory universe that I am referring to and not My Universe, which is so unimaginably different, you would not be able to even understand it.

    So, I am saying that you are the creator of your own world. You are so creative that you are able to create anything you wish, and I mean anything. About the time that you decided to separate from your God, the tomorrow of your existence was already written. This is because there is no time outside of your three-dimensional world, and time was invented by Me so that I could wait for you to learn the error of your separation and, when you were ready, to bring you back to Me through the teachings of The Holy Spirit and my Sonship, which is God’s children, when not in this world of yours. You go back to my universe (would you believe it?) every night when you are asleep!

    And so, we learn that you are immortal, just like me, and you will never die, in truth. You have lived in fear of death for eons and eons, in which case you now can feel no fear of dying, for you are going to come back to your world as often as you wish. We have been telling you this forever, but you will not listen. God has never lied to you and only loves you. I am not the God of Judgment that the religions of your world have taught you about. I do love everything that I have created, as a Father loves his Son.

    I will say now that I use the gender expression ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ but in truth, in My universe there is no duality, only unity, therefore there is only one gender with all the attributes that you think of as masculine and feminine, and that you are the same as Me, ‘created in My image’ as it is written in your Bible. You are all my creatures in My universe. The only souls that exist in My universe are all created by God and there is no exception to this, not one. It is important for you to know that what you consider ‘evil’ is just as important to me as what you consider ‘good’, and that even Hitler lives in My heaven.

    In this I tell you with absolute certainty that you are all my beloved children with the exceptions you already know about and many more. There are many, many Universes besides mine, and they all have gods that run them just like Me. I realise that you are still in a state shock and that you are going to need time to realise just how big everything is in comparison to what you have been told.

  • Time now to talk about healing and the reasons that the idea of sickness has just manifested into your world. It has just manifested because in My world, sickness does not exist. God’s World is perfection itself. In your world you have created many things that I did never create. This world, as I said, is your creation and that is the truth. I today now tell you that sickness is also your creation. It came into existence when you associated yourselves with a body.

    This body of yours is a device which further distances yourselves from Me and from each other. It is also ‘neutral’ in that it is only what you want it to be and nothing more. The only possible way that you can be freed of it is ‘to die’ as you call it in your language. That is the truth of it. Like an overcoat that is long worn out, you discard it and come home to Me until you wish to leave again. You have left Me for many worlds in your three-dimensional universe, in many galaxies of its existence. Do not think for one moment that Earth is the only planet where life exists, there are more worlds in your universe teeming with life than you can imagine.

    Being sick is a state of mind and the mind is able to be healed by the concept of forgiveness. By forgiveness, I do not mean being a doormat to your fellow being or punishing yourself for Me, I mean releasing the guilt inside of you and your fellow beings by mutual forgiveness. Under this concept you will soon see that God’s world, which is a multidimensional world, is only one thing, and that is love, the most pure and divine love that exists. I am only love and nothing else. All fear (which is only the absence of what I am which is love) will disappear if you give yourself to My care and the care of My enlightened souls.

    There are many enlightened souls who will help you on this journey you must take if you want to be truly healed. In case you were wondering, the enlightened one who has published this website is a loving and infinitely godly healer who will assist you to be healed and send you on to My heavenly realm in this world through study and through great works in helping you to get what you want in your new life as My enlightened child. This is the greatest day in your new life as my Sonship. You are being invited to be healed - and healed forever.

    It is with great pride that I hand you over to My Messenger who will tell you what happens next.

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