The end of sickness

You will be astonished to learn that now you can expect an end to the cycle of wellness followed by sickness, followed by wellness again, in your lives. I will do you the honour of explaining what I mean by this.

Now you will understand that the whole point of your lives is to experience new things in your entire existence and these things could be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in your judgment. This is the way of everything in your world.

In fact, you have lived many lives, and if you reading this page, some of you have experienced thousands of lives like me, although some of you may have only experienced hundreds of lives. It does not matter either way, it depends on when your soul came into existence. You are going to be shocked when I say that it is so common for you to have experienced thousands of lives on many star systems in your galaxy or even other galaxies. If you are like me, you love coming to this planet time and time again, for this planet Earth, as you call it, or Gaia, as the Pleiadeans call it, is the playground of your universe. Yes, your planet is special and it is the living library of so many plants and animals, and you are now beginning to destroy it forever. This must be stopped immediately. Do you think that the many galactic beings here, living amongst you will allow you to continue with this destruction? You can think again!

So now you have a better understanding of who you are in this world of yours and why you are here now. It remains for me to learn how you will behave now that you know these things. It also remains for me to tell you how you can improve your lives in the knowledge of what I am telling you now.

Enticing the good into your lives is something that you already desire. You may deny this, but God already knows that you are not satisfied with the way your lives have turned out. And additionally, the pandemic and its resulting lockdowns has made your lives worse than you can ever remember. Granted, a few of you may be perfectly happy, but the vast majority of you are in some financial trouble and understanding this is something I can relate to myself.

A good deal of my life as a healer has changed since the lockdowns came into force. Good people, lots of them, understand that healing at a distance does not make any difference whatsoever, and this is because in my multidimensional world, time and distance do not exist, nor do most of the other things such as restrictions cause by the speed of light or malfunctions caused by speed of sound. Thus healing between two people in the same room, anywhere in the world or anywhere in the universe always happens. These things are well known to all healers and so lot of healing is still happening all over the universe and always will.

Now, you can say that you will be healed by God, but through the stewardship of another god. In this multiverse, there are many gods with their own universe, and they are the same as the god of your universe. In fact, I am greatly aware that you will be wondering if there is a god above all these gods, and the answer is ‘no’. All gods and angels come from what we call the Great Central Sun. This is not a place as you know it, but an energy of vibration which is far greater than anything else and it is the highest vibration that exists in the known multiverse.

And now I must continue with the subject about ending all sickness in the lives of all the people who live on Earth, and it goes without saying that God will be forever asking you to study this subject until all healing is achieved by all the souls in this universe and until then, this three-dimensional universe will continue to exist. Also, it is going to be possible, most probably not for a long time, that life on this planet will no longer exist, not because of wilful destruction but because there will no longer be any reason for living in this dimension. The most, most of living will be done in the multidimensional world or yours and mine. In case you were wondering, the system of incarnating into a three-dimensional world is identical across all universes and so is most of the lesser-known laws of physics and micro-biology. These laws are created in the Great Central Sun, and this is where I and your God come from.

Knowing this, there is no reason that I should not assist you all to achieve a level of perfection in your lifetime on this planet, that will increased the frequency of vibration of All That Is and the whole multiverse is holding its breath until you do. This is called ‘Ascension’ and is the whole point of your being here now and at this time in your life. You will then show other up-and-coming civilisations on other planets how to do the same, just as the Pleiadeans, Arcturians and many other galactic civilisations are here amongst you now doing the same thing with you.

How well you do, depends on your tenacity and will, when it comes to being less controlled, if you are to become free of your oppressors who control your Earth at this time. This is not another conspiracy theory - it is a fact. Look around you and wake up! It is everywhere you look! See how your governments control you, using fear and slavery. In so many areas of your lives you are being indoctrinated by your media, your press, your entertainment industry, your laws and your religions. The most intrusive instruments of your indoctrination are your televisions which tell you what you think is the truth, but I am afraid to say they are the worst manifestation of mind control and brain washing, and this is the truth of the matter. I would ask you to be discerning in what you consume regarding what you see on television.

In the meantime, I am going to tell you so much more about how you can live a life free of sickness. It is with the utmost joy that I tell you that I am prepared to help each of you that is reading this material to be healed of your sickness in both mind and body, both now and forever and I will do this for no fee whatever. If you feel you are able to give a donation to my foundation for God’s healing, that is up to you. Your donation will be used to assist those who cannot afford it and for the furtherance of our work in every country around the world, because so many of you are in need of help, of money and of love.

I mention money because so many of you have lost so much as a result of the latest pandemic and you need to find a way forward in your lives so badly. God will never let you suffer if you are prepared to be healed in the way God will heal you and I will take you through this process later in this section.

A mention here about love. You go through your lives in a state of misery thinking you know the meaning of love, but you do not know anything about the kind of love I am going to describe to you. It is a love without judgment and without conditions. It is not the love of the body, whether it is yours or someone else’s. It is the love of the mind and of the soul, this is far more intense. It is such a huge subject, that I cannot go more into it now. I shall draw your attention to texts about this and other subjects elsewhere in this website. You will however undergo a radical change in so many aspects of your lives, you will wonder how you survived until now.

In the coming ten years, things will change so dramatically that loving beings will arrive here openly and you will be shown so many new technologies and you will be given so much knowledge that you won’t believe it. You will have free energy at last, and you will be able to move objects without gravity pulling them back to the ground. These technologies have existed for many years, but have been supressed by your governments. It will be obvious to you why.

A word now about your lives as beings in a world that is dense and hostile in your eyes. You are in the most difficult situation in this world of yours and it is going to be the most difficult thing you can do to change the way you perceive this world. Your perception is the most difficult thing you can change but it is the most important thing you can do if you are to change your view of the world. In the future, a new more loving number of people will instruct you in these teachings. I teach them now as do many who aware of the true teachings of Jesus, my son, and it will not be long before so many more people are learning them too. I now am finishing A Course In Miracles and I urge you all to get a copy of the book, published by The Foundation Cor Inner Peace and dictated by Jesus to Dr. Helen Schucman. I also recommend comments on the lessons written by Jesus and transcribed by Tina Louise Spalding in the book called A year Of Forgiveness. A lesson is required to be read every day for one year. Yes, that is 365 lessons. It is as Jesus describes “a little willingness on your part” that takes you into a whole new chapter in your life, and this is the basis of all healing everywhere in the multiverse. Healing is only changing the way your mind thinks and is a scientifically proven remedy that has been suppressed for eons in this world.

I am now going to explain something that will eventually be taken down by those that control all information, everywhere, and I beg you to allow yourself the luxury of printing the following information, keeping it and passing it on to as many people as possible while it is still up here.

And now we explain our reason why I am telling you this. It is now going to be the most difficult time for those who have suffered bad health and poverty during this pandemic, and it is God’s will that you are relieved of this terrible situation as soon as possible. Going further, you are to become the only souls to benefit at first from God’s beneficence, so I beg you to be patient in how soon I can assist you to be relieved of all your suffering. It will come as no surprise to you that your government cannot be trusted to be concerned about all the main requirements in your lives. It would be impossible for it to do so, and it could not be allowed to do so by those who truly run your countries. That is the world you live in and it has been this way for thousands of years, has it not? Getting to the point, a new government will not be allowed to do this until the old ways of controlling the people have passed.

Meeting your needs is the most important thing that God wants to go for, and God will not allow anything to divert Him from this goal. This is the way of it and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. Your civilisations go back thousands and thousands of years and your history remains yet to be discovered, if the truth be known. History has always been rewritten by those that conquer and rewriting it is what your systems still do even to this day. Allowing for this truth, you will understand why you must disregard the world as you see it now and only think about the world as you would like to see it.

And I come now to the world that God wills for you. This is a world where so much of the most wealth is in the hands of 90 percent of the people, and not the other way around. It is a world where every so often the dome of sunlight is going to make you feel warm and happy. It is going to be a world that has enough resources for everyone and not starved of resources, as of now. It is only those who are in control who amass the world’s resources and scarcity has been the way for eons. It is not in the interests of those who control you to be free of fear and poverty. It is love and abundance God wants to see restored to his Sonship.

And so, we come now to the way forward for you. In the next few years, you will understand that it is only you who decides the future of your planet. It is not up to anyone else and it is not going to happen until you get off your backsides and do something about it. The world will not change for you, you must change the world! And soon. So please be most sure of what you want in your life, more of the same or something different?

Healing the world is God’s only wish, and that is what this website is truly here for.

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