The Healing Process

Who am I?

I am God’s Healer and God’s Messenger as described in the Home Page, for God’s Healing. Understand that Jesus was the last great Healer that the world has ever known and as you will see from his own description of his work on the right-hand side of this page, (or if you are viewing this on your mobile phone, at the foot of this page) God gave him the power to heal people and even raise people from their 'death', as you call it in your terms. Jesus has less than one method of healing that I do not know about already. And so you can go to the above-mentioned article to read more from his own words.

And so I can therefore share this knowledge with you, now and in the future.

Let me make it clear that it is not me as God’s messenger or healer or my own energy that heals, it is God and God’s healing energy or light that heals and it is God’s will that you be healed.

Distant healing

Since the current pandemic has occurred, God has given me the power and the ability to heal all of you who seek an end to your sickness, without you having to be in the same locality as me. Briefly, this is possible because in God’s World, time and space do not exist; in effect everything is happening now. Time was created by you so you could navigate your own three-dimensional world. Effectively, you can be anywhere in your Universe and you can always be healed.

Distant Healing is just as effective as in-person healing and I am able to set up a session with you on either Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp or over the telephone.

How does God’s healing work?

My Healing works through God’s loving energy. It is manifested when my forgiveness of myself from the sense of guilt that we all carry since the separation from God, and your forgiveness of yourself are bonded together, so that we become as One, as we are anyway, and then the healing process begins.

God is the Healer and thereafter, nothing further need be done by either of us, only a little willingness on your part and mine to want to be healed. In my case, the healing is done already and in yours, the healing process starts and builds up over a period of time.

You will start to feel a difference over a few hours, and it will become more apparent in a few days. Like all healing of the body, wounds take time to heal, and time was invented by you for this reason. Chemical changes within the body begin to take place also. These chemicals can bring you pain relief and more healing to your cells.

In the case of new initial changes in response to your new gentle healing, understand that it is a miracle, in that it was not there before, and would have never happened unless you and My Healer had requested it. In case you were wondering, it is the miracle which makes the healing so powerful. This miracle is my gift to you and is brought to you from God by the links laid down by the angelic kingdom. Look at my healing so far given to many people all over the world. These people have moved their minds to me to request healing in their minds - and look at the results. I will send you a list of their names and diagnoses if you wish. They have requested that their names are not given so I have used their initials and their place of residence. In these cases, every one of these patients have been healed and healed forever.

What do I have to do to receive God’s healing?

Firstly, I need your permission to join with me in accepting and giving God’s healing to one another. Permission also needs to be asked from your higher self, which is the soul, when all its pieces are joined together as one. It is this joined-up soul that is the real you and each piece represents your past, present and future lives.

What if I don’t believe in God or Jesus?

If you do not believe on God or Jesus, it does to matter one iota! We do not believe that you should have any religious convictions anyway for the purposes of receiving God’s Healing. All healing is given to everyone unconditionally and is given with pure love from the creator to his son. Be not dismayed by the words ‘father’ or ‘son’, we use them only for convenience and you can substitute them for any other words you choose. You can also substitute the word ‘God’ for any other words, such as ‘Source’, ‘Universe’, ‘Love’, or ‘Light’. In God’s realm, we do not use words, only feelings. Words are simply symbols of symbols. Love is energy that God sends to you all the time. It is this energy that keeps every living thing alive. Most of so many living creatures in the universe are aware of God’s energy. I hope that all human beings will one day be aware of it too.

More about God’s healing

When you ask me for God’s Healing by email, you will start a process there and then, and this is the healing process in its most rudimentary form. Now, as the process gathers strength, it becomes only the shortest gap between sickness and wellness and it continues to gather pace until the moment of coming together as patient and healer.

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